Why Sketcha?

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Unlimited Revisions

We want your Sketcha to totally rock your world, and that's why we'll make unlimited revisions (within the scope of the agreed project) until you're literally shaking with excitement – or, at least, until you’re totally satisfied with our work!

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” Robert C Gallagher
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Fixed Turnaround Times

We don't want to be one of THOSE companies, keeping you waiting around and telling you the work will be done 'as soon as it's done'... that's not the Sketcha way! We make things perfectly clear, with fixed turnaround times.

"We have not the time to take our time." Eugene Ionesco
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Fixed Pricing

Everybody loves surprises... er, except when we're talking about pricing. Luckily, there are no nasty surprises or hidden extras with Sketcha – we operate a crystal-clear pricing policy, so you can rest assured that the price you see is the price you'll pay!

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci
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Direct Expert Contact

So you've probably never created a video before. We get that, and that's why we're here for you every step of the way. You’re the boss, so we'll let you take your Sketch in whatever crazy direction you like... but we'll always be on hand to help you with expert advice!

"Of course I talk to myself... sometimes I need expert advice." Unknown
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All Inclusive Service

Being the straight-shooters we are, you should know that the price you pay includes EVERYTHING, from script, to storyboard, to completed video files, plus voiceover, music and expert advice from our team.

"Honesty is the best policy. Unless, of course, you're posting a Facebook Profile picture." Unknown
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Commitment to service

We won't go all mushy on you, but we REALLY want you to love your Sketcha and enjoy your experience working with us. That's why we'll always keep you up to date with your project, answer any questions you have, and generally provide awesome service.

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile." Roger Staubach
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Custom built project manager

Nobody likes playing e-mail tennis... that's why we built our Project Manager, a communication platform designed for you to chat with every team member who works on your Sketcha, all in one place!

"When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." Mattie Stepanek

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