We make sketch videos to demonstrate your services and products

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Low fixed pricing...

We like to keep it simple. For that reason our pricing only comes in 1 flavor. 1 low price per minute. Nothing higher, nothing lower. Just simple fixed pricing for everyone.

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Simple sketch style...

Our style of video is sketch, hence Sketcha! We feel this graphic style makes it really easy to explain concepts, create humor and create interesting videos that engage the audience.

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We look after you...

When you order from us we give you access to our project management system, we introduce you to every person who will work on your video so you have a dedicated contact.

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A few examples...

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How it works

We have a simple process with fixed turnaround times for each stage...

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Our Process

Hover your mouse over the graphics above to find out more about our video production process.

We include everything you need for the perfect video!


Script Writing

It takes us just 3 working days to sculpt our ideas for your video into a first draft of the script, which lays out the voiceover dialogue and what'll be happening on screen.



Our artists get to work and create all the graphics for your video, laid out slide by slide...
the first step in your Sketcha world becoming a reality!



Your video looks great - time to make sure it sounds great!
Take your pick from our super-talented professional voiceover artists.



As Abba sang, 'Without a song or dance, what are we?'
Luckily, you don't have to worry - we provide fantastic royalty-free music with every Sketcha.


Video Production & Animation

Over the course of 8 magical working days, our team of animators make your graphics move, sing and dance...
and your insane Sketcha reality is brought to life!


What our customers say

We love our customers! This is what they have to say about us...

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